2016 ILDS DermLink Project Reports

Colégio Ibero LatinoAmericano de Dermatologia: held a Sporotrichosis Action Day in Brazil

Colégio Ibero LatinoAmericano de Dermatologia (CILAD) held an Action Day Against Sporothricosis with the help of 50 volunteers in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The aim of the project was to bring together infected cats and dogs owners, to aid better education and holistic treatment, as well as training dermatologists. The action day was attended by 2000 owners and 250 cats and dogs, and the symposium was attended by 500 dermatologists.

German Society of Dermatology: a project to support dermatological care in remote areas of Cambodia

The German Society of Dermatology applied for a grant to support work in Cambodia. DermLink grant activities do not always need to take place in the same country as the Member Society. This grant allowed for two field trips to be conducted during the period. The first, in November, saw 11 physicians, nurses and students from the new department of Dermatology at Preah Kossamak hospital travel to Kroch Meas Commune (about 80km west of Phnom Penh). They saw 261 patients. The second, in April 2017, saw a task force of 25 arrange a day-clinic in Mesor Prochan Village (140km South East of Phnom Penh); 315 people presented at this clinic.

A wide variety of dermatological issues were seen varying from aesthetic to advanced Basel Cell Carcinomas and late systemic scleroderma. All medicines and consultations were provided free of charge, and local staff had the opportunity to assist with the consultations benefiting from the experience and training of the specialist team. The grant covered costs associated with travel and refreshments, medicines and basic laboratory equipment.

Local clinic in Cambodia

International Society of Dermatology: purchase of diagnostic equipment in the Philippines

The International Society of Dermatology applied to DermLink on behalf of the Immunodermatology Unit and the Department of Dermatology at the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (RITM) in Alabang, Philippines. An increasing cohort of patients were presenting at the RITM with autoimmune blistering diseases but the equipment for diagnosis and monitoring only existed in Manila.

The DermLink grant awarded to the RITM allowed them to purchase an Immunofluorescence Microscope and Camera.  By the end of the year, they had processed 51 specimens and are accepting referrals from other dermatologists in the southern regions of the Philippines.  The microscope is helping not just with diagnostics but also with the training of dermatology residents.

Immunofluorescence Microscope and Camera in action
Immunofluorescence Microscope and Camera in action