ILDS Committees and Working Groups

ILDS Committees

Executive Committee 

The Executive Committee exercises the authority of the Board and the ILDS in the management of organisational affairs between meetings of the full Board.  

Awards Committee 

The Awards Committee is responsible for developing processes and assessing nominations for ILDS Awards (Certificates of Appreciation, Young Dermatologist Achievement Awards and the Medal for Achievements in Global Dermatology) and presents its findings to the Board. Through its Awards programme, the ILDS recognises individuals who have made significant contributions to worldwide dermatology.   

Communications Committee 

The Communications is responsible for advising the ILDS on its communications strategy and providing practical support. This includes advising on the development of communications mechanisms and materials including the ILDS website, social media and exhibits; and editing the ILDS newsletter.  

Finance and Fundraising Committee 

The Finance and Fundraising Committee is responsible for ensuring that appropriate financial policies and procedures are in place and in practice to comply with UK Charity and Company fiscal and legal requirements. It is also responsible for general budgetary considerations and fundraising. 

ILDS-WHO Committee 

The ILDS-WHO Committee is responsible for ILDS’ interactions with the WHO including maintaining the ILDS’ official relations status and ensuring that there are appropriate plans in place which address ILDS and WHO’s strategic interests. Current areas of work/interest include: revising and rationalising the Classification used in ICD-11 for skin and related diseases; collaboration with the Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTD) Department to improve recognition of NTDs by front line health-care workers using skin signs of disease (development of training aids, teaching activities); assistance (by providing specialist input) with revisions to the WHO list of essential medicines; collaboration on ultraviolet radiation (outdoor workers) and skin cancer; interaction around the production of the “Global Psoriasis Atlas”; interaction around optimising healthy skin ageing as part of the WHO ageing and health initiative. 

International Foundation for Dermatology Committee 

The International Foundation for Dermatology (IFD) Committee is chaired by the Chair of the IFD. Its goal is to improve dermatology in under-served areas of the world; to improve the care of patients with skin and sexually transmitted disease who do not have access to specialist skills and to develop financial sustainability through working with the Finance and Fundraising Committee to identify additional funding streams. It oversees the IFD grants programmes including ILDS DermLink.  

Membership Committee 

The Membership Committee is responsible for advising the ILDS on its membership strategy. This includes overseeing recruitment of new members and developing member services and member engagement in ILDS activities.

World Congress Scientific Programme Committee 

The ILDS World Congress Scientific Programme Committee plans the scientific programme of the World Congress of Dermatology liaising with the National Organising Committee which is responsible for the operational, social and financial management of the Congress.

World Skin Summit Programme Committee 

This Committee is responsible for the development of the programme for the World Skin Summit. Information on the 3rd World Skin Summit can be accessed here: 

ILDS Working Groups

Patients’ Organisations Working Group 

This is a new working group to oversee and advise on the development of ILDS’ engagement with patients’ organisations including the development of a policy and approach on engagement and in specific initiatives and activities. 
More information on the Working Group’s activities can be found here.

World Skin Health Day Working Group 

World Skin Health Day is a collaboration between the ILDS and the International Society for Dermatology (ISD). The Working Group is comprised of members of each society and is responsible for approving World Skin Health Day activity applications and advising on the strategy for the development of World Skin Health Day. 
More information on the Working Group’s activities can be found here.