Protecting public health

Supporting efforts to raise awareness of how everyone can protect themselves from COVID-19

We all have a role to play in sharing public health information on how the public can protect themselves from COVID-19. Help to raise awareness by repeating and sharing WHO’s advice to the public. Preventing transmission of the virus is something that all those involved in health and healthcare can undertake in their daily practice and work. The World Health Organization outlines advice in the following areas:

  • Wash your hands frequently
  • Maintain social distancing
  • Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth
  • Practice respiratory hygiene
  • If you have fever, cough and difficulty breathing follow the directions of your local health authority
  • Stay informed and follow advice given by your healthcare provider

See the WHO website for up-to-date information:

At this time, we recognise that health professionals are on the front-line in diagnosing and treating the virus and are themselves at risk of contracting the virus. As well as following the advice for the general public, they should be provided with and, ensure that they use, the necessary protective equipment in order to be able to protect themselves adequately.


Help the WHO by completing a quick survey on training and upskilling needs for Health Workers

The World Health Organization is rapidly upscaling training via a number of digital, easily accessible learning applications. They are asking for people to complete an online survey which will help them to design and prioritise content and delivery methodologies that support and enable health workers worldwide to boost their knowledge and skills related to the COVID-19 outbreak. The survey is anonymous and no identifiable information on any individuals will be shared or presented in the survey results. Please complete the survey and share with your networks: