2nd International Conference on Tropical Dermatalogy

12 August 2020 to 14 August 2020

Colomobo - Sri Lanka

The International Conference on Tropical Dermatology, organised by the Sri Lanka College of Dermatologists, will be held in Colombo, Sri Lanka 13-15 August 2020. This is the 2nd International Conference on Tropical Dermatology.

The first ever International conference on Tropical Dermatology was held in August 2016 in Colombo. This conference was attended by more than 350 delegates and more than 30 eminent international speakers on many areas of expertise. Following the success of this conference the SLCD is planning to take this important field of Dermatology to a wider scientific audience.

Tropical dermatology focuses on dermatological conditions that are unique, or more common to the tropical and subtropical regions. To the casual observer it may seem that tropical dermatology encompasses tropical infections only. Even though infections constitute the vast majority of dermatological conditions peculiar to the tropics and subtropical regions, there are other, more interesting areas to be explored. Some of these conditions are classified under neglected tropical diseases.

One challenge to the clinician handling such cases is the relative lack of research and new therapeutic options for most of the dermatological conditions seen in the tropics.With the ever increasing global travel and migration, tropical dermatological conditions are no longer confined to the tropical countries. It is therefore important that Dermatologists worldwide become aware of skin diseases and conditions unique to the tropical regions. Our panel of experts, numbering more than 30 from countries representing all the continents, will be sharing their experiences and research at a well compiled scientific programme.

We would also like to extend a warm welcome to all of you to experience the Sri Lankan hospitality and to enjoy the natural beauty and the rich culture of this island nation. The diverse ecology, abundant wildlife, cultural monuments and the exquisite cuisine are some of the attractions of our nation. May I also remind you that Sri Lanka has been nominated as number one tourist destination in the recent past. Even though the unfortunate incidents on Easter Sunday affected our nation adversely, Sri Lanka is recovering fast. Safety concerns are being addressed and we are thankful to the international community for the continued support extended.