8th EHSF Conference

6 February 2019 to 8 February 2019

Wroclaw, Poland

In 2019, the EHSF e.V. is going to visit the traditional university city of Wroclaw, Poland, where our local hosts' Profs. Jacek C. Szepietowski and Łukasz Matusiak are going to organise the 8th International Conference on 6-8 February. It is a great opportunity to celebrate 13 years of common fascinating and productive work but also to summarize HS research and clinical activities, which are ongoing around the globe.

The huge developments, which occurred in understanding HS pathophysiology and the needs of medical and psychological care of HS patients but also the targets for the years to come will be the central subjects of this scientific event. Parallelly, EHSF e.V. opens its doors to invite all caring physicians and scientists, independently of their specialisation, to participate, since the emerging comorbidity of HS requires an interdisciplinary approach.