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The International League of Dermatological Societies (ILDS) is a non-governmental organisation that promotes the improvement of dermatological care, education and science across the world.

The International Foundation for Dermatology (IFD) was created in 1987 to carry out the humanitarian work of the ILDS. Today, the IFD supports projects in Africa, Asia Pacific and South America.


Global Health Policy and Programmes Manager
The ILDS is looking for a new Global Health Policy and Programmes Manager, where you will play a pivotal role in providing technical policy and programme management to further ILDS’ strategic objectives.

You will work closely with ILDS’ global partners including the World Health Organization (WHO) across a range of topics to input into skin health policies, support technical developments and capacity building. You will ensure the ILDS has a clear and appropriate process for policy development, monitor and evaluate projects, and ultimately engage with the dermatological community to work effectively towards national, regional and global improvements in skin health.

To be a successful candidate, you will have relevant experience in a global health/medical position, an understanding of the research process and a deep knowledge of policy development. You will have a proven ability to achieve quality results, making noticeable impact at an international level, sound budget management skills and exceptional attention to detail.

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Closing date: 4th January 2021

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