2nd International Alliance for Global Dermatology (GLODERM) Annual Meeting

27 March 2020

GLODERM was established in 2019 at the American Academy of Dermatology's Annual Meeting in Washington, USA. It is an Alliance of professionals, trainees, and other concerned individuals to advance skincare provision to those in low-resource settings.

The GLODERM meeting in action via Zoom

On 19 March 2020, the International Alliance for Global Dermatology (GLODERM) hosted its second annual meeting (and first online meeting) which was attended virtually by over 70 participants from across the world.

The purpose of the meeting was to review and explain:

  • Outcomes of and progress since GLODERM’s inaugural meeting in Washington in 2019
  • How residents can gain global health dermatology experience and incorporate it into their career
  • Process, benefits and challenges of establishing dermatology residency programmes in low resource settings
  • Profile of dermatology on the global health agenda

Speakers and panellist included:

  • Dr Esther Freeman, International Alliance for Global Dermatology Chair and Assistant Professor of Dermatology at Harvard University, chaired the meeting and provided an update on GLODERM’s activities and achievements to date
  • Dr Aileen Chang, Assistant Professor of Dermatology at the University of California, San Francisco, explained how scabies secured a place on the global health agenda. She also shared her experience of working in global health dermatology
  • Dr Julia Schofield, Principal Clinical Lecturer in Dermatology at the University of Hertfordshire, and Rebecca Penzer-Hicks, Senior Lecturer in Dermatology and Skin Integrity at the University of Hertfordshire, shared their experience of developing dermatological training courses in Africa and the United Kingdom
  • Dr Margot Whitfeld, Head of the Department of Dermatology at St Vincent’s Private Hospital and Conjoint Associate Professor at UNSW, reported on the process of developing and establishing the Pacific Dermatology Training Centre in Fiji
  • Dr Toby Maurer, Professor of Clinical Dermatology at Indiana University, shared her team’s experience of developing dermatology residency programmes in Kenya and Uganda as well as a Dermatopathology Fellowship
  • Dr Tori Williams, Assistant Professor of Clinical Dermatology at University of Pennsylvania, reported on the American Academy of Dermatology’s (AAD) Dermatology Residents’ International Grant Programme, which enables U.S. and Canadian senior dermatology residents to participate in a four to six week elective in Botswana
  • Dr Sarah Coates, GloCal Fellow, shared how she gained global dermatology health experience in Kenya and Tanzania and how it has enriched her career
  • Dr Claire Fuller, International Foundation for Dermatology Chair and Consultant Dermatologist at London Bridge Hospital, shared how the International Foundation for Dermatology would support GLODERM and ensure its progression and growth over the next 3-5 years

The International Foundation for Dermatology (IFD) is a key supporter of GLODERM and also provides operational support for its activities. IFD Chair, Dr Claire Fuller, is the Vice-Chair of GLODERM.

Watch the full meeting