International Alliance for Global Dermatology (GLODERM) Autumn Scientific Symposium

10 November 2020

On 28 October 2020, the International Alliance for Global Dermatology (GLODERM) held its Autumn Scientific Symposium which was attended virtually by 130 participants from over 40 countries.

The meeting brought together clinicians, researchers, global health experts and trainees to discuss developments in Global Health Dermatology, as well as their research and field experience.

Speakers included:

  • Dr Esther Freeman, GLODERM Chair and Harvard University Assistant Professor of Dermatology, chaired the meeting and gave an overview of the work of GLODERM and the International Foundation for Dermatology (IFD).
  • Dr Sidra Khan, Manchester University Dermatology Trainee, and GLODERM Trainee Committee (GTC) Chair, introduced the GTC and provided an overview of its history, aim and work, including upcoming webinars and projects.
  • Aakaash Varma, State University of New York Medical Student, and Dr Doriane Sabushimike, Regional Dermatology Training Centre in Tanzania (RDTC) Dermatovenerology Trainee, shared their research on the range of distances and presentations of patients attending RDTC.
  • Dr Thuta Htay Zin, University of Medicine Yangon Dermatology Trainee, presented a case on “Worrisome Tubers.”
  • Dr Lorea Bagazgoitia, Beyond Suncare Co-founder and Dermatologist, reported on the progress of improving outcomes for Persons with Albinism (PWA) in lower middle income countries (LMIC)
  • Dr Esther Mzumara, Kamuzu Central Hospital Dermatologist, discussed support for PWAs in Malawi, including access to care, stigmatisation, awareness, and human rights challenges.
  • Dr Mwele Malecela, World Health Organization (WHO), reported on the WHO NTD 2021-30 Road Map to Eradication: Opportunities and Challenges for Dermatology.
  • Dr Alexia Knapp, Dermatologist and University of Minnesota (UMN) Global Medicine Pathway Faculty, and Dr Bayanne Olabi, Dermatology Registrar and Clinical Research Training Fellow, shared their experience of developing a curriculum for primary care clinicians working in refugee and IDP camps.
  • Dr Alaina James, University of Pittsburgh Assistant Professor of Dermatology, gave a stirring presentation on visual racism in dermatology, where she underscored the importance of providers learning about skin diseases in all skin colours.  
  • Dr Sarah Coates, UC San Francisco Paediatric Dermatology Fellow, discussed the effects of climate change on vector-borne diseases (VBD).
  • Dr Johannes Dayrit, De La Salle Medical and Health Sciences Institute Assistant Professor of Dermatology and Consultant, presented on the effects of climate change on marine dermatological diseases.
  • Dr Cristina Galván, Spanish National Health System Dermatologists and Leprologist, shared a timely report on the effects of COVID-19 on the skin from a global perspective.

The meeting was well attended and was a great success with many participants reporting that it inspired and motivated them.

It was fun and informative to participant in the GLODERM meeting. It gave me the rare opportunity to engage with people from all over the world, and I have formed some great partnerships because of the meeting. I am more connected with the global derm community and will continue to work with GLODERM members on solving our world’s skin problems.

You can watch the meeting in full here:

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The International Foundation for Dermatology (IFD) is a key supporter of GLODERM and also provides operational support for its activities. IFD Chair, Dr Claire Fuller, is the Vice-Chair of GLODERM.