Global Psoriasis Atlas Website Launch

29 October 2019

The new Global Psoriasis Atlas (GPA) website serves as a transformational, educational and scientific tool, it also presents the human face of psoriasis, sharing first-hand experiences.

Website Homepage

We are pleased to share that the new GPA website is now live. For the first time, experts and those living with psoriasis can gain a greater understanding of the complex skin condition endured by so many people.

This has been made possible by the strong commitment of the collaborating partners (the International Federation of Psoriasis Associations (IFPA), the International League of Dermatological Societies (ILDS) and the International Psoriasis Council (IPC)), the work of the project management team at the University of Manchester and the research teams at the University of Manchester and the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf.

Bringing together both the latest data and compelling insights, the GPA will serve as a valuable source of information not only for researchers, policy-makers and healthcare providers across the world but the many who live with the chronic condition.

The website features a broad range of facts and figures on psoriasis as well as many stories of people living with psoriasis sharing their experiences. It is highly interactive and will allow quick and easy comparison of rates of psoriasis between countries and regions. The video stories offer great insights into the lives of people living with psoriasis and highlight why the GPA is so important.

The GPA is set to revolutionise the collation of this vital data, helping to fill the gaps and provide a better understanding of how psoriasis occurs in different groups of people. At present, there are no special blood tests or tools to diagnose psoriasis and treatment options vary considerably.

Our understanding of the epidemiology of this chronic condition is limited in many countries but the GPA is poised to transform this in the future. It will help to uncover the true burden of the disease, ensuring those people living with psoriasis have access to the best available care, wherever they live in the world.



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