IFD Projects in focus: Cambodia

4 November 2019

The IFD supports projects to improve skin health all over the world. In Cambodia, the Clinical Dermatological Training Programme was established to provide recent medical school graduates with specialised dermatological training.

The programme supports residents develop the necessary skills to deliver quality dermatological care to patients in rural areas.

A key feature of the programme is that the residents not only receive training in their home country but also have the opportunity to study abroad. This offers them a more comprehensive learning experience, as well as the opportunity to enhance their practical skills in different settings.

Four residents completed the programme in 2018, finished their National Service Exams and started their posts in the provinces.

In 2019, the programme will include 10 residents and expand to include Dermatopathology and Dermato-surgical training. Residents will also be able to undertake training in France, Singapore and Germany.

Read all about the work undertaken in 2018.

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