IFD Projects in focus: Mexico

26 November 2019

The IFD supports projects to improve skin health all over the world. In Mexico, the Community Dermatology project led by Dr Roberto Estrada, aims to improve skin health in communities in under-served parts of Mexico.

The programme uses three approaches: Teledermatology, Jornadas (dermatological workshops for community healthcare workers) and Research Trips.

‘Community Dermatology’ has been successful in managing skin health problems in remote communities. In 2018, over 1,100 individuals benefited from Teledermatology courses and over 800 community members received dermatological treatment during the Jornadas and Research Trips. The success of this programme proves that this type of healthcare delivery and education can benefit remote communities with a high burden of dermatological disease.

Read all about the work undertaken in 2018.

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