ILDS Statement on the Situation in Ukraine

7 March 2022

We deplore the human casualties and tragic consequences of the war in Ukraine. The International League of Dermatological Societies Society (ILDS) stands in solidarity with the Ukrainian people and our local Member organisation, the Ukrainian Association of Dermatovenereologists.

The Russian Federation’s invasion of Ukrainian sovereign territory is a flagrant violation of international law that has resulted in the tragic loss of human life and threatens not only the security of Ukraine, but of the entire region. The far-reaching consequences of this act of war cannot be understated.

The ILDS is especially concerned about the risks faced by healthcare professionals and the reprehensible targeting of medical facilities and civilian areas. Any disruption to essential services like water, power, and health, is multiplied under these conditions.

Eight years of conflict in Ukraine have displaced over 1.4 million people who now rely on assistance to meet their daily needs. This escalation only deepens the humanitarian needs and compounds the suffering of millions of families. We call for all States to do everything in their power and influence to avoid further escalating a conflict whose cost and consequences for civilian populations outpaces the capacity to protect and assist them.

We strongly urge the global community to come together in defence of the people of Ukraine, and we seek engagement and dialogue with our local Member organisations in Russia and Ukraine to stress the importance of preserving the values of healthcare and peace. De-escalation, diplomacy, and a people-centred peace process are urgently required. The people of Ukraine have a right to a future free of violence and war. They have the sovereign right to democratically decide their future as a nation. The world must stand with them and redouble efforts to ensure peace in the country and on the continent.


ILDS Statement on the Situation in Ukraine