ILDS Summit Bursary Spotlight

30 July 2018

The ILDS has a global reach and is committed to encouraging the participation of Members from all world regions. The ILDS Summit Bursary Programme supported Member representatives who would otherwise not be able to attend the Summit.
Here, Prof Uladzimir Adaskevich from the Belarusian Society of Dermatovenereologists and Cosmetologists shares his experience of the World Skin Summit in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Uladzimir Adaskevich
Prof Uladzimir Adaskevich

The Belarusian Society of Dermatovenereologists and Cosmetologists joined the ILDS only three years ago and the opportunity to represent the society at the ILDS World Skin Summit in Vietnam was a great honour. It was an eventful experience, which allowed me to establish contacts with leaders of dermatological societies from all the five continents.

All topics of the Summit were related to the most significant and urgent problems of dermatology. It has become especially clear that, despite all possible regional differences, dermatological societies have many problems in common and that cooperation between dermatological societies is needed to overcome them. In this respect, communication within the global dermatological community plays a decisive role in strengthening the authority of dermatology and ensuring its future as an important discipline for the health of nations.

As a head of the dermatoveneorological department of Vitebsk State Medical University, I was very interested in the topic of teaching and education in dermatology. In our Eastern European country, there are many students from Africa, India, Sri-Lanka and the Middle East. It was very useful to listen to the reports of colleagues from these countries and to obtain first-hand information about the most urgent dermatological problems in their regions. It will ensure that we will pay special attention to the treatment and care of the corresponding diseases as part of the lectures and practical classes for our foreign students.

At the forthcoming National Congress of dermatologists and cosmetologists in Minsk in September 2018 I am going to inform my colleagues about new approaches to access to dermatological health and medical skin treatment care, including opportunities of mobile teledermatology, which were presented and discussed at the Summit and which are of great interest to the members of Belarusian Society.

In general, I was greatly impressed by the organization of the Summit and inspired by it to engage in further activities related to improving dermatological education, clinical care and research in my country.

Prof Uladzimir Adaskevich, MD, PhD,
President of Belarusian Society of Dermatovenereologists and Cosmetologists