WCD 2023: Letter from Guadalajara

2 October 2018

As we approach the 24th World Congress of Dermatology (WCD) in Milan next year we are already preparing for WCD 2023. Each of the 6 Candidate Cities has written a Letter to ILDS Members, all of which will be shared here.

Below you will find a Letter from Prof Dr Med. Jorge Ocampo Candiani, President Guadalajara BID.


Dear Members,

Why choose Guadalajara?
If what is required of a country is to have an excellent climate, great connectivity, hotel and congress venue infrastructure, but above everything, warm people and friendly service, then you can only think of Mexico.

Our country is unique in many things. Of course, the academic and professional field of dermatology, which stands out in the international scene with innovative contributions. These are contributions of which we are proud. But also, as the 15th world economy, we are a thriving, hardworking country with a great desire to prove it.

Mexico is a multicolored country that combines traditions with modernity. We have a great cultural heritage of which we are proud, a fusion of indigenous and European, mainly Spanish, and from this mixture of cultures, turned out a wonderful and unique culture. It isn’t a coincidence that each year we are more favored as a tourist and business destination. Those who visit us are left wanting to return, and those who know us, remember us with affection.

While a congress of the size and significance such as the World Congress of Dermatology requires considerable infrastructure and impeccable logistics, the city of Guadalajara is prepared. It is also the more equipped city: world-class hotel capacity, excellent connectivity and the largest convention center in Mexico.

On the other hand, as an additional attraction, the city of Guadalajara has a great tourist tradition: the murals of the Hospicio Cabañas, its markets, its historic center, the scenery to Tequila, the pottery of Tonalá, and much more.

Today we propose our country, our city, as the host of the World Congress of Dermatology. Why look for the World Congress of Dermatology in our country? Because we are sure that we will do it well, that they will remember us with affection and eager to return.

Prof. Dr. Med. Jorge Ocampo Candiani
President Guadalajara BID



Prof Dr Med. Jorge Ocampo Candiani

Prof Ocampo Candiani is the Bid President for the collaboration of three Mexican ILDS Members' bid to host the 25th World Congress of Dermatology (WCD) in Guadalajara, Mexico in 2023
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