WCD 2023: Letter from Singapore

18 September 2018

As we approach the 24th World Congress of Dermatology (WCD) in Milan next year we are already preparing for WCD 2023. Each of the 6 Candidate Cities has written a Letter to ILDS Members, all of which will be shared here.

Below you will find a Letter from Prof Roy Chan, President, WCD 2023 Singapore Bid.

WCD2023 Singapore

Dear ILDS Members

The conference theme Dermatology Beyond Borders reflects our objectives for the 2023 World Congress of Dermatology, which are to extend the boundaries of dermatology, improve cooperation across geographic, political and cultural borders, and increase collaboration to advance dermatology and skin health for all.

Our team comprises of prominent dermatologists and scientists of different ethnicities and backgrounds. We will have a broad and deep programme to highlight clinical advances, showcase basic and translational skin research, as well as the role of implementation and social sciences in dermatology, all of which are needed to answer the call of “Skin Health for All”.

To this end, we hope to also encourage greater community participation, and to harness mass and social media to disseminate valuable messages and knowledge that will emerge from WCD 2023 in Singapore.

We aim to transcend differences to be an inclusive conference that will celebrate diversity. The conference will be underpinned by Science, will advance Care, and will celebrate Communities.

Singapore is a melting pot of Asian and Western cultures situated in the heart of South-East Asia. Getting here is hassle-free, there are numerous air connections, our airport and our airline are second to none, and visa-free entry is available to most delegates. It also serves as an excellent hub to explore the region after the WCD.

Singapore is a progressive, free and open society, known for high standards of transparency, efficiency and safety. Conference facilities, accommodation, culinary and other attractions are superb.

Our bid has the support of many dermatological societies in the region and we will work together to ensure that delegates will have an enjoyable and meaningful experience.

Singapore welcomes all of you and we are ready to host the WCD in 2023.


Prof Roy Chan
President, WCD Singapore Bid



Prof Roy Chan

Prof Chan is President of the Singapore Bidding Committee for the Dermatological Society of Singapore's bid to host the 25th World Congress of Dermatology in Singapore in 2023
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