World Skin Health Day 2020

26 February 2021

Whilst COVID-19 did present some challenges organising World Skin Health Day events last year it didn't stop organisations from raising awareness about skin health in their communities.

ILDS and the International Society of Dermatology (ISD) members undertook activities to recognise and promote skin health. They tailored their actions to address or overcome the COVID-19 pandemic. From hosting teledermatology consultations and online workshops to multimedia campaigns.

In 2020, we saw World Skin Health Day activities worldwide, from Mexico to Cambodia via Malawi and France, to name but a few. This included multimedia campaigns, online workshops, teledermatology services, outreach clinics, and so much more. In total, World Skin Health Day campaign reached over 7 million people in 2020.

2020 Highlights:

The Communtaria Mexico Programme provided sporotrichosis training online to 38 frontline healthcare workers in Montana, Guerrero. This presentation will also be disseminated to other frontline health workers. It is hoped an estimated 5,000 people from indigenous communities will be able to receive better dermatological care, particularly those in rural and mountainous areas in Guerrero who lack access.

In Guinea, a partnership with Clinique Dermatologique, Gamal Abdel Nasser University of Conakry hosted a free interactive conference on the psychosocial and psychodermatological impact of acne. In addition to this, they ran a multimedia awareness campaign and provided free skin consultations and treatment to 500 people.

A community workshop run by the Turkish Society of Dermatology

The Turkish Society of Dermatology raised awareness about skin cancer and sun protection through a multimedia campaign and educational workshops among Turkey’s farming communities. As part of this, they developed educational resources and distributed protective equipment to farmers, including wide brim hats and sunscreen. In total, they reached 12,000 people.

The Australasian College of Dermatologists (ACD) raised awareness about access to teledermatology services in Australia via a multimedia campaign. In total, they reached over 40,000 people.

A free skin health clinic in Cambodia

The Department of Dermatology, Cambodia China Preah Kossamak Hospital, hosted a free skin health clinic and undertook a multimedia campaign about skin health. As part of this programme, they provided free consultations, treatment, and dermatological care to under-served groups. In total, they treated 280 people.

World Skin Health Day is a joint campaign of the ILDS and ISD. Together we can reach even more people to improve their skin health. Please join us in recognising and promoting skin health around the world by taking part in World Skin Health Day 2021. To find out how and for more information, please visit