Community Dermatology Journal

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The Community Dermatology Journal (CDJ) is a dermatology resource for healthcare workers in under-served areas. It provides up to date, relevant information on the diagnosis and treatment of skin disease.

It is a useful resource for educating health workers and the populations they serve and for keeping in touch with dermatology services in resource-poor areas.

The Journal is published twice a year with over 7,000 copies sent to nearly 200 countries free of charge.

All issues are available online in the ILDS Resource Centre.


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The Journal is supported by your donations. For just $5, £5 or €5 a month you can become a Friend of the CDJ. Your regular donation will help us send over 7,000 copies of the Journal to health care workers around the world.

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Just $5, £5 or €5 a month can support the Journal to reach health care workers in nearly 200 countries