Delivering direct dermatological care to the rural communities of Chiapas and Oazaca, and enhancing dermatology training in hospitals and health centres via teledermatology courses.

Mexico 2017

In Mexico, the Community Dermatology programme aims to improve skin health in communities in under-served parts of Mexico. The programme uses three approaches:

  • Teledermatology – in order to help overcome geographical barriers, lectures are transmitted online to healthcare workers in remote areas.
  • Jornadas (workshops) – dermatological workshops for community healthcare workers in remote communities.
  • Research trips – to gather data on the prevalence of rare skin disorders in under-served communities.

In 2017, five Teledermatology courses in Acapulco, San Cristobel Chiapas, Chilpancingo and Oaxaca were attended by over a thousand healthcare workers. In addition, the programme team conducted Mycetoma Research Journeys to the Costa Chica region and treated 410 patients.

In 2018, 1,145 participants attended teledermatology courses across four communities in southern Mexico. 512 patients received dermatological attention during the Jornadas, with 306 patients being identified and treated for complicated skin conditions in the Costa Chica region of Mexico. Three new mycetoma cases were detected.

In 2019, the programme reached 1,565 beneficiaries. Three Teledermatology courses were held in 71 locations. The Jornadas visited five communities and were attended by 539 patients. There was a research trip to Guerrero and other locations where 678 patients received treatment.