Kilimanjaro Sunscreen Production Unit (KSPU)

The first of its kind, the Kilimanjaro Sunscreen Production Unit (KSPU) was established to produce and distribute locally made sunscreens specifically designed for people with albinism across Tanzania. Kilimanjaro Sunscreen, or ‘Kilisun’, is a water-in-oil emulsion with a sun protection factor of 30+ (High SPF). When applied, Kilisun acts like melanin, protecting people with albinism from the harmful rays of the sun. Correct and consistent application of Kilisun, together with sunglasses, wide-brimmed hats and sun-protective clothing, significantly reduces the risk of skin cancer.

In 2012 this was the first production centre of its kind, pioneered at the Regional Dermatology Training Centre (RDTC) in Moshi, Tanzania, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health Tanzania. Locally produced and distributed at no cost to its users, Kilisun has reduced reliance on sporadic foreign donations and enabled a steady and sustainable supply of this life-saving product. Kilisun promotes local human resources, recruiting staff with albinism and facilitating albinism societies to co-lead distribution with in-country health and education professionals.

The KSPU manages the regular distribution of Kilisun to the most remote areas of Tanzania through mobile clinics, schools and other local platforms.