ILDS DermLink Applications

Grant Types

There are 3 types of ILDS DermLink grant:

  • Materials and Equipment – up to US$3,000 for dermatological materials and equipment
  • Individual Training – up to US$3,000 for short-term dermatological training for an individual
  • Field or Community Projects – up to US$5,000 for projects in resource-poor regions lasting no more than 12 months

ILDS DermLink grants are awarded on a competitive basis following consideration by the International Foundation for Dermatology (IFD) Committee and ratification by the ILDS Board.

Criteria include identified needs, impact for investment and sustainability.

Application Guidelines

  1. Applications must be made by an ILDS member organisation in good standing (membership fees are paid up to date as at the deadline of submission)
  2. Applications must be in English using the application form
  3. Applications must assist dermatology in low-resource regions
  4. Projects addressing Tropical Dermatology or Migration Health are encouraged
  5. Successful applicants must acknowledge the grant in all related activities
  6. Successful applicants will be expected to commit to ILDS/IFD reporting requirements
  7. All grants must be used within 12 months of being awarded
  8. Only one application per ILDS Member organisation per year
  9. Previously supported projects will not be considered by the IFD Committee
  10. Collaborations between organisations and/or countries are welcomed
  11. The collaborating organisation applying for the funds will need to have a bank account that accepts funds in US Dollars. Funds will not be paid into a personal bank account
  12. The grant should not be used for any research projects

The deadline for submitting an ILDS DermLink application is 28 February 2022.