Community Skin Health Journal

The Community Skin Health Journal is the official Journal of the IFD (formerly known as the Community Dermatology Journal)

  • 2018
  • Community Dermatology Journal: 25

    31 May 2018

    • Community Dermatology – a Latin American Perspective
    • International Migrations and Health: a Dermatological Perspective
    • Traditional Medicine Strategies for Skin Conditions in Conflict Zones
  • Community Dermatology Journal: 25 – French

    27 May 2018

    • Dermatologie communautaire – Une perspective latino-américaine
    • Stratégies de médecine traditionnelle pour les affections cutanées dans les zones de conflit
  • 2017
  • Community Dermatology Journal: 24 – French

    01 November 2017

    • Actions éducatives pour promouvoir la santé de la peau des pêcheurs à Rio de Janeiro, Brésil
    • Réactions lépreuses en phase post-élimination: Preuves du Bangladesh
    • RAPPORT DE CAS: Granulome pyogène simulant le mélanome malin
    • Stage Optionnel en Dermatologie au Cambodge
    • Protection solaire chez les personnes atteintes d’albinisme Projet Kilisun
  • Community Dermatology Journal: 24

    01 November 2017

    • Educational actions to promote the skin health of fishermen in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    • Leprosy Reactions in Post-elimination stage: Evidence from Bangladesh
    • CASE REPORT: Pyogenic Granuloma Simulating Malignant Melanoma
    • A dermatology-based medical elective in Cambodia
    • Sun Protection in Persons with Albinism the Kilisun Project
  • Community Dermatology Journal: 23

    01 March 2017

    • IACS 5th Global Meeting November 2016
    • Misuse of Topical Steroids In Scabies
    • Support and treatment of xeroderma pigmentosum (XP) patients in Sub-Saharan Africa
    • Skin and wound care and effective water use in resource-poor countries
  • 2016
  • Community Dermatology Journal: 22

    01 November 2016

    • Zika Virus and the Skin
    • Contact Allergy and Patch Testing in Resource Poor Areas
    • Miltefosine for the Treatment of Leishmaniasis
    • Comment: Antivenom Crisis in Africa
    • Making use of Mobile Phones in Health Education
    • Gentian Violet
  • Community Dermatology Journal: 21

    01 April 2016

    • Buruli Ulcers
    • Management of Kaposi’s Sarcoma
    • Journal Club
    • Book Review –Critical Care in
    • Hazards of Steroid-containing Lightening Creams
  • 2015
  • Community Dermatology Journal: 20

    01 October 2015

    • Scabies – the Global Challenge
    • Cross-sectional study of the prevalence of dermatological conditions in a cohort of HIV-infected children attending an HIV clinic in Muheza, Tanzania
    • Skin Care for All: a low cost self care public health programme as a post-2015 community dermatology development agenda
    • The impact of skin disease on patients in Cambodia – a survey and simple needs assessment
  • Community Dermatology Journal: 19

    01 March 2015

    • Albinism – A Cause for Concern
    • Spectrum of Skin disorders in a tertiary care hospital
    • Challenges of using point-of-use (POU) water purification treatment systems for wound cleansing
    • Scarification: A commentary
  • 2014
  • Community Dermatology Journal: 18

    01 September 2014

    • Launch of the South African Dermatology Nursing Association
    • Mycetoma. A Review
    • A case of Madura Foot (Mycetoma) from Chaaria,
    • JOURNAL CLUB: The Elimination of Leprosy
    • Podoconiosis: what is it and what can we do about it?