ILDS Certificate of Appreciation

Certificates of Appreciation are awarded annually and aim to recognise dermatologists and others in the field of dermatological care who have made an outstanding contribution in either of the following categories:

International Leadership
Those that have made significant contributions to furthering international dermatology. These are dermatologists that have shown international leadership which has had an impact on global health policies and practices, furthering cross-border research, education and empowerment of dermatologists, their societies and the public.

Humanitarian Dermatology
Those that have been undertaking their work in a selfless, humanitarian and not-for-profit manner to improve the skin health of people in under-served areas of the world.

ILDS members can nominate up to 2 people from their society.

Please note that Certificates may only be awarded once and that Members of the ILDS Board, past and present, are not eligible to be nominated.