ILDS Young Dermatologist Achievement Award

The Young Dermatologist Achievement Award aims to recognise young dermatologists who have made an outstanding contribution to international dermatology, particularly for patients in under-served areas of the world.

These Awards are presented every four years, in conjunction with the World Congress of Dermatology, to five individuals; one from each ILDS Region: Asia Pacific; Europe; Latin America and the Caribbean; South Asia, the Middle East and Africa; USA and Canada.

Eligibility criteria

  • Less than 15 years’ practising dermatology post training
  • Not hold the rank of Professor at any academic institution

Adjudication criteria

  • Leadership at Society Board Member level or equivalent national level dermatology organisation, including involvement in task forces and committees
  • Involvement in international dermatology programmes, initiatives and congresses
  • Articles published in peer-reviewed journals or chapters in books that have contributed to furthering international dermatology
  • Demonstrable impact of the contribution of this individual to improving dermatological care of patients in under-served areas of the world
  • Development of specific projects that have enhanced international dermatology and/or humanitarian dermatology

Please note that Certificates may only be awarded once and that Members of the ILDS Board, past and present, are not eligible to be nominated.

Nominations for the YDAAs for the 25th World Congress of Dermatology in Singapore close on 28 March 2022.

2019 Recipients:

Asia Pacific – Michelle Rodrigues

Europe – Helmut Beltraminelli

Latin America and the Caribbean – Thiago Jeunon de Sousa Vargas

South Asia, the Middle East and Africa – Sudip Parajuli

USA and Canada – Brian Kim