Delivering foto-dermatology workshops in schools & dermatological training to health care workers

Community Dermatology Foundation (Fundación Dermatología Comunitaria) Argentina

The Community Dermatology Foundation in Argentina has three main activities:

  • delivering foto-dermatology workshops in schools
  • improving dermatological education for health care workers and the wider community
  • running a mobile dermatology office


In 2017:

Delivered workshops in 24 of the 27 schools in San Martin de Los Andes and 12 of the 16 schools in Junin de Los Andes, reaching a fantastic total of 726 children and 67 teachers.

Provided 2 Journadas; developing the knowledge of a total of 95 health care workers and the treatment of 175 patients.

Set up a mobile dermatology office which visited 5 locations and treated 115 patients.