National Podoconiosis Action Network (NaPAN)

A four-day training workshop for NaPAN's lymphedemia Self-Help Group in Ethiopia

National Podoconiosis Action Network’s (NaPAN) newly formed Self-Help Group (SHG) need capacity building in conducting meetings, speaking in public with confidence, writing minutes, resolving conflicts, problem-solving, democratic decision-making, delegation of tasks, monitoring progress. The ILDS DermLink Grant supports training to enhance their social skills, promoting their social rehabilitation, help the establishment of links between self-help groups, the formal microfinance institutions and commercial banks.

NaPAN will conduct a four-day training workshop for 20 participants who are enrolled in NaPAN lymphedema morbidity management who will come from 4 SHGs. The capacity building will focus on the recently established SHGs, which are also in need of support in accounting, financial management, and organisational development. The Grant will be used for travel, accommodation, lodging, venue rental, expert fees and participant allowances.

The project builds on the existing and cordial relationships between NaPAN, Ethiopian Federal Ministry of Health and Regional and Zonal Health Management Teams.