Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs)

Our focus has been on scabies and working with the WHO on the Integrated Management of NTDs


The ILDS supports the International Alliance for the Control of Scabies (IACS); a global network of researchers, clinicians and public health experts dedicated to improving the control of scabies.

In June 2017 the World Health Organization (WHO) formally recognised scabies as a Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs).

IACS supported endemic countries including Ethiopia, Fiji and the Solomon Islands in the submission of a dossier and compendium of evidence for scabies to the Strategic and Technical Advisory Group (STAG) for NTDs. The STAG concluded that all the criteria were met for scabies.

The formal adoption of scabies as an NTD signifies an important boost to international advocacy efforts and will further facilitate much-needed research and development of new disease control solutions, particularly in resource-poor settings.


Integrated Management of NTDs

The ILDS collaborated with the WHO on the publication “Recognising Neglected Tropical Diseases through Changes on the Skin: a Training Guide for Front-line health workers”. The publication was released in spring 2018 and implementation support provided to countries.


Neglected Tropical Disease NGO Network (NNN)

The NTD NGO Network is a global forum for NGOs to contribute to the global control, elimination, and management of consequences of NTDs outlined within the internationally agreed World Health Organisation NTD Roadmap. The ILDS/IFD are leading the NNN Skin NTD Cross-Cutting group.