Nigerian Association of Dermatologists

The provision of treatment in Internally Displaced People (IDP) camps contributing towards a research study

The conditions in the Internally Displaced People (IDP) camps are especially overcrowded with inadequate water supply and limited access to healthcare. This all predisposes to infectious diseases in general and infectious dermatological conditions in particular. Though some reports have highlighted the prevalence of infectious and malnutrition related conditions, no study has reported on the prevalence and severity of dermatological conditions from the Nigerian IDP camps to date.

This study will try to determine the prevalence, pattern and severity of dermatological conditions found in these camps. It will also start an intervention program to address these problems, once identified.

 Phase 1

The initial part of the study will involve screening of individuals in the IDP camps for dermatological conditions with a view to assessing their predisposition to and severity of these conditions; and implementing immediate treatment interventions and long-term preventive measures.

Phase 2 

This phase of the study will involve a follow up of the IDPs for the outcome of treatment and prevention interventions implemented.