Barriers to Skincare Access in Myanmar

Burma Skincare Initiative

Myanmar ranks 190/191 for the overall health system performance as assessed by the World Health Organization[1]. Access to healthcare service and care is limited and dermatological care even more so. To address this, the Burma Skincare Initiative (BSI) aims to:

  • Establish skincare access in disadvantaged communities
  • Provide education to clinicians and patients across Myanmar
  • Establish active and sustainable links between Myanmar and international dermatology communities


SIG funds will be used to:

  • Set-up two pilot dermatology clinics in underserved areas in Northern Myanmar
  • Develop dermatological clinic guidelines on common skin conditions in Burmese for dermatologists
  • Train healthcare workers (HCWs) in simple management of common skin conditions
  • Run educational workshops for patients using illustrated leaflets on common skin conditions
  • Foster bi-directional links between Myanmar and international dermatology communities through annual BSI conferences and exchange fellowships
  • Set-up a pilot teledermatology service