ILDS Ordinary General Meeting (Assembly of Delegates) FAQs

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When does the ILDS Ordinary General Meeting (Assembly of Delegates) take place?
The Meeting takes place on Wednesday 12 June, 15:00-17:30 Central European Summer Time (CEST) and Thursday 13 June, 16:30-17:30 (CEST).
The meeting will be held at the Milano MiCo Convention Centre, Piazzale Carol Magno, 1, 20149 Milan, Italy.

Who can attend the Meeting?
You can attend the Meeting if you are an officially nominated Delegate of an ILDS Member or if you are the proxy of an ILDS Member. If you meet either of these criteria you will be issued in advance with an “Entry Letter” which must be presented alongside Photo ID in order to gain entry to the Meeting room.

How does the ILDS determine the number of Delegates for each Member?
The number of Delegates for each ILDS Member depends on their type of ILDS Membership. Full details on how this calculated are available here.

How do ILDS Members submit Delegate nominations?
ILDS Members can nominate Delegates through the ‘Member Login‘ area. Delegate nominations are open between 28 January and 31 March 2019.

What happens if someone is nominated as a Delegate by more than one Member?
An individual can be nominated as a Delegate by multiple Members. They will be able to vote in their capacity as a Delegate for each Member that has nominated them.
For example: if one person is a Delegate for Society X, Society Y and Society Z they will be given 3 voting keypads: one keypad/vote per society.

Can we change our nominated Delegate(s)?
ILDS Members can change their nominated Delegate until 31 March. After this date, Delegates can be changed by nominating a proxy. The proxy nomination process can be found here.

What is the deadline for submitting nominations for Delegate nominations?
Members should submit their Delegate nominations by 31 March 2019.

Our Society cannot send a Delegate to attend the Meeting, how do we nominate a proxy?
Please complete the Proxy Form and submit it to the ILDS Secretariat ( by 28 May 2019.

Do I have to register for the WCD in order to attend the Meeting?
No, if you are only attending the Meeting you do not need to register for the WCD. You will receive a badge which will provide access solely to the Ordinary General Meeting (Assembly of Delegates). You will not be able to attend any other meeting/session within the WCD.

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