Election of ILDS International Directors

In June 2019 there will be four International Director vacancies.


  1. All Member Societies and Affiliated Member Societies* will be requested to nominate, two individuals from two different countries as candidates for each International Director vacancy. Nominations are requested for four International Director vacancies, making a total of eight candidates.
  2. The nominations will be collated into a Long List of nominated candidates.
  3. Following the election of the Regional Directors at the 1st Assembly of Delegates meeting, the 2015-2019 ILDS Board Members will meet and select from the International Director Long List three candidates for each International Director vacancy. This International Director Short List will take into account the newly appointed Regional Directors and the need for the ILDS Board to be balanced and globally representative.
  4. The International Director Short List will then be presented to the 2nd Assembly of Delegates meeting and all Delegates will vote on the Short List. The International Director candidates with the highest number of votes will be elected to fill the International Director vacancies.

*This does not include Observer Member Societies