Election of ILDS Regional Directors

In June 2019 there will be the following Regional Director vacancies:

  • Asia Pacific (one vacancy)
  • Europe (one vacancy)
  • Latin American inc. Caribbean (one vacancy)
  • South Asia, the Middle East and Africa (one vacancy)
  • USA and Canada (one vacancy)


  1. Each Member Society* from these Regions will be requested to nominate, two individuals from their Region per vacancy: at least one of which must come from a country other than that of the Society for each vacancy. The exception to this rule is where there are only two countries in a Region, e.g., USA and Canada.
  2. The nominations will be collated into a Long List of nominated candidates from these Regions. Each Member Society from these Regions will then vote electronically for three of the candidates on the Long List for each vacancy.
  3. The top three candidates for each Regional vacancy will then form a Short List.
  4. Prior to the 1st Assembly of Delegates meeting, the Short List will be published on the website and sent to all ILDS Member Societies.
  5. During the 1st Assembly of Delegates meeting all Delegates will vote on the Short List. The Regional candidate with the highest number of votes will be elected to fill each Regional Director vacancy.

*This does not include Affiliated Member Societies and Observer Member Societies